The Denturist Licensing Board is a regulated body mandated to ensure high quality practice and protection of the public under The Denturist Act of Nova Scotia.  This is achieved through ensuring that standards of practice and policies are maintained by denturists in a safe, competent and ethical manner thereby promoting the best possible outcomes for patients.


The Registrar is responsible for the planning and implementation of all aspects of the management and operation of the Board, including the maintenance of the Registers of the Board.  Maureen Hope is the Registrar of the Nova Scotia Denturists Licensing Board.


Being a very small organization, committees are created ad hoc as needed. For example:

An Examination Committee is comprised of senior Denturists qualified to examine and approve new applicants.

An Investigation Committee investigates concerns about a member’s practice that have been brought to the attention of the Board in a proactive, fair, transparent, and efficient manner.

Board Members