Regulations Respecting Denturists
Approved by the Board, pursuant to Section 7
of Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2000, of the Denturists Act

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1. These regulations may be cited as the “Board Regulations”


2. In the regulations,

(a) “Act” means the Denturists Act;

(b) “Denturist Regulations” means the regulations made with the approval of the Governor in Council pursuant to subsection 7(2) of the Act;

(c) “examination fee” means any fee approved by the Board for the purpose of participating in the denturists qualifying exams;

(d) “expiry date” means the date or dates prescribed by the Board Regulations for the expiry of licenses and permits issued pursuant to the Act;

(e) “fine” means any fee approved by the Board for the purpose of disciplining a licensee.

(f) “licensing fee” means any fee approved by the Board for the purpose of obtaining a license or the renewal of a license under the Act;

(g) “permit fee” means any fee approved by the Board for a Professional Corporation to obtain a permit or the renewal of a permit pursuant to the Act;

(h) “registration fee” means any fee approved by the Board for the purpose of obtaining a registration pursuant to the Act;

(i) “reinstatement fee” is a fee approved by the Board for the reinstatement of a suspended license or permit issued pursuant to the Act; and

(j) “renewal date” means such date or dates prescribed by the Board Regulations for the annual renewal of a license or permit

Board Meetings

(a) The Board shall hold regular meetings at such times and places as it may appoint subject to Section 8 (5) of the Act;

(b) Notice of any meeting of the Board shall be sent at least 15 days before the date of the meeting to each Board member at that member’s last known address by postal or electronic mail;

(c) Failure to receive the notice pursuant to Sub clause 3(b) shall not invalidate the meeting or any Board business;

(d) Board members are obligated to notify the Registrar 5 days in advance if they are unable to attend a scheduled meeting;

(e) A meeting may be convened with shorter notice with the consent of a quorum, as defined in the Act, and in any manner they see fit or if all Board members are present at a meeting in person, notice of the time and place of the meeting may be waived;

(f) If within one-half hour from the time appointed for the meeting a quorum of 3 or more members is not present, the meeting shall be dissolved;

(g) A motion, question or resolution put to a vote of the Board is decided by a simple majority of the members present and the chairperson shall not vote unless it is necessary to break a tie vote;

(h) The Board shall keep records of all meeting minutes as well as a separate Book of Motions

(i) Board members who do not attend 3 or more duly called meetings per annum may be asked by the Board to resign from the Board


(1) The applicant shall apply for registration or annual renewal of a license or permit on a Board approved application form which shall be accompanied by the applicable fee;

(2) The Registrar shall forward one month prior to the renewal date, a notice of the annual licensing or permit renewal fee including a Board approved renewal form to each licensee at their last known address;

(3) All fees for examinations, registration, licensing, permits and other payments shall be submitted to the Registrar and made payable to the Board;

(4) For the purpose of this Section, “licensure year” means the 12 month period from March 1st to the following February 28th which dates shall be exhibited on the licensees license and the licensees license shall;

(a) expire on the expiry date of February 28th ;

(b) be renewed on or before the renewal date; which, is 15 days before the expiry date referred to in sub clause 4(a);

(c) be suspended, if the licensee fails to submit the annual renewal fee pursuant to sub clause 12(1) of the Denturists Regulations;

(d) be reinstated, upon payment of the licensing renewal fee and the reinstatement fee after fulfilling the requirements of sub clause 12(2) of the Denturists Regulations, the Registrar shall issue the license effective the first day of the current licensing year.

(5) If an applicant is to be licensed for a period of less than 4 months in any one licensing year, the applicant shall pay one-half of the licensing fee.

(6) Where a new applicant is licensed within 60 days prior to the renewal date in any year, the payment in full of the licensing fee for the current year shall be deemed payment for the ensuing year as well, and if the fee increases for the next year, the difference in the fee between the new year and the current year shall be paid by the applicant.

(7) The annual renewal permit fee is payable not later than 15 days prior to the expiration of the permit.

(8) The Board may, upon application for registration and licensing, waive payment of the registration and licensing fee of a denturist who holds a current license in another jurisdiction and who will be practicing in the Province of Nova Scotia for a period of less than 3 months for special purposes, as approved by the Board.

Education Institutions

5. The Board may prescribe an educational institution in the Province as a training school for the practice of denturism.

6. The educational institution prescribed by the Board shall obtain the Board’s approval of;

(a) the course curriculum and standards; and

(b) for entrance requirements

7. The Board may establish an Advisory Committee to the training institution of at least 3 members, 2 of whom shall be denturists.

8. The Board may recognize denturist programs of other Canadian Institutions that have met accreditation qualifications of the Denturist Association of Canada.

Denturist Qualifying Examinations

9. The Board shall establish an Examination Committee to administer the Denturist Qualifying Examinations on behalf of the Board, and the Board shall;

(a) designate 3 licensees as members of the examination committee; each having at least 5 years experience as a denturist;

(b) appoint one of the members of the examination committee as Chair;

(c) forward to the examination committee, the names of the candidates that are eligible to participate in the examination(s); and

(d) give authority to the examination committee to evaluate the applicant to test the applicant’s competency in the field of denturism through the administering of the Denturist Qualifying Examinations on behalf of the Board.

10. The Chair shall provide an examination report to the Board regarding the candidate’s progress in the Denturist Qualifying Examinations.

11. All applicants for the Denturist qualifying Examinations shall;

(a) Satisfy the Registrar that the applicant;

(i) is a graduate of a Canadian denturism program pursuant to Section 8 and apply within 6 months following successful Completion of such program;

(ii) is the person in any diploma or documentation submitted to support the application;

(iii) is of good character;

(iv) is competent in the English language to be eligible to participate in any written, practical and oral examination; and

(b) provide to the Registrar,

(i) a completed Board approved application form;

(ii) any diploma or documentation as required by the Registrar;

(iii) where it applies, information with respect to the results of any previous denturist examinations;

(iv) signed consent to make such inquiries or demand such further information regarding the application as the Registrar sees fit;

(v) proof that the applicant is legally entitled to live and work in Canada;

(vi) information with respect to any criminal offences for which a pardon has not been granted;

(vii) payment of the applicable examination fee at least 30 days before the starting date of the examinations; and

(c) shall be granted an interview by the Registrar, the Board, or both at the Request of the applicant.

12. An applicant that satisfied the requirements of Section 11 shall be an eligible candidate to participate in the Denturist qualifying Examinations, of which the candidate shall,

(a) be forwarded an information package which may include;

(i) date, time and location of the examination;

(ii) examination topics;

(iii) examination protocol;

(iv) patient history form;

(v) patient liability form;

(vi) clinical evaluation form; and

(vii) any other information pertaining to the examinations.

(b) pass all written portions of the examinations before participating in the practical portion of the examinations; and

(c) at the discretion of the examination committee, participate in oral exams during the examination process.

13. (1) A candidate who is unable to obtain a passing mark in any of the written examinations shall;

(a) be permitted to take one supplemental written exam per subject, at a time determined by the Board;

(b) submit the current supplemental examination fee; and

(c) obtain a passing mark in all supplemental examination(s).

(2) A candidate who is unable to obtain a passing mark in the supplemental written examination(s) may request to appear before the Board.

14. (1) A candidate who has passed all written examinations including supplemental examinations shall be eligible to advance to the practical portion of the examinations and shall;

(a) provide at the designated time of the practical examination the completed,

(i) patient history form;

(ii) patient liability form;

(iii) waiver; and

(v) any other information that the examination committee may request;

(b) obtain a passing grade in the practical examination; and

(c) be permitted to retake the practical examinations on one further occasion if the candidate fails to obtain a passing grade on the candidates first attempt of the practical examination.

(2) A candidate who is unable to obtain a passing mark on the retake of the Practical examination may request to appear before the Board.

15. After successful completion of the practical examination, the candidate shall be deemed eligible to apply for a denturist license pursuant to the Denturist Act and Regulations.

Code of Ethics

The Denturist Society of Nova Scotia Code of Ethics shall be the Code of Ethics to be observed by the Denturist Licensing Board of Nova Scotia.

“If the applicant’s first language is other than English, they must pass the TOEFL or other such test as prescribed in the Board Regulations, with a score determined by the Board. Section 11(a) iv of Regulations Respecting Denturists approved by the Board pursuant to Sction 7 of Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2000, the Denturists Act

Board Regulations Revised May 2016