May 29, 2020

Response to media inquiries concerning the shooter:

Thank you for your inquiry.  The Denturist Licensing Board of Nova Scotia would of course, comply with any investigative requests from police.  To date, we have not received such a request.

As a regulator, it is our role to ensure that those individuals who practice as denturists in Nova Scotia have the skills and competence required to provide safe and quality denturist services to the public,  Denturists must re-qualify to hold a license on an annual basis and to meet the licensure requirements expected of all denturists in our province.  The individual you are referring to was granted a license to practice as a denturist each year.

Maureen Hope
Registrar, DLBNS

April 19, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we confirm that the individual involved in the devastating events of April 18th and 19th was a member of the Denturist Society of Nova Scotia and was licensed to practice as a denturist by the Denturist Licensing Board of Nova Scotia. On behalf of the Board and staff, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to those across the province impacted by yesterday’s tragic events. We also extend our gratitude and thanks to our first responders who were involved. Out of respect for the families involved, we will be making no further comment at this time.

Maureen Hope
Registrar, DLBNS

Loretta Beals
Chair of the Board

Della Sangster, DD
President, Denturist Society of Nova Scotia